Rafael Manzanares


Originally from the island, pastor Rafael became a Christian in the USA, and attended Calvary Chapel Bible College in Austria. He then served with pastor Brian Brodersen in a churchplant in London, where he met his wife Loretta. They sensed the Lord leading them to move to Mallorca in 2001, and took over the pastorate of SPCC in 2002.

They opened a Calvary Chapel affiliated Bible College in 2005, and they trained many students and interns in love for the Word and service in local churches as well as the mission field for 10 years. They continue to serve the church mainly through Bible teaching, and are now working on a long standing vision to open a Christian school on the island. Loretta leads the Women’s Ministry.

‘We are privileged to serve God and love His people on this island’.

Andrew Snell


Originally from the UK, Andrew is now a retired music and Math teacher. He has served faithfully at SPCC as one of the elders for the last 17 years. He also plays the electric bass guitar in the worship team, and leads one of the church’s homegroups.

He says, “SPCC is probably the most significant part of my life here, and undoubtedly the reason why I am still here, even after the passing of my dear wife Susan in 2002.”

Brenda Stephens


Brenda spent most of her life in the UK, where her work experience in nursing has mainly been with persons who require help with the basic aspects of life. God opened the doors to Mallorca in 2002 when she was offered a free holiday resulting in the purchase of some flats, which were not only used for holidays but to accommodate Bible students studying at the church. 

She serves as a member of the accountant team and assists in sharing the Bible with the younger children. She is a great encouragement, and loves enabling other people to thrive.

She says, ‘I love every minute of being used in this way’.

Martyn & Denise Skinner


Denise and Martyn joined the church in 2007. Martyn is part of the worship team, operating the sound-desk, recordings and media projection. He is also a vital member of the team responsible for the usual running needs of a church. Denise’s involvement is with the Children’s Ministry Team, and for the past 10 years, Denise helped run the weekly Playgroup. She is also involved in regular visiting of church and community members, a service very dear to her heart.

“We feel so blessed to be part of this group of people.”

Alexandra Schaede


Born and raised on the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, Alexandra is passionate to see the Youth grow in their love and relationship with God and help them truly grasp what it means to be a Christ-follower.

She is also the Church Photographer, so don’t be alarmed if you see her pull out her camera during worship!

‘At SPCC we don’t just attend on Sunday morning, rather we do life with people’.

Heidi Drain


Originally from Scotland. Heidi came to Mallorca to work in 2001 and in 2003, gave her life to Jesus. Shortly after she joined the SPCC.

A couple of years later Heidi went to study at Calvary Chapel Bible College in York. She later completed those studies at Mallorca Bible School. Since 2008 she has served at SPCC as the church secretary.

She is married to Paul, and they have three young children, Josiah, Lily- Grace and Hannah Ruth.

“I am thankful to God for His care and keeping, and how He has grown me as an individual, wife and mother, and how He is growing us as a family, all to His Glory.”

James Metzger


Half English, half American and raised in the UK, James loves new places. Living in Mallorca since 2007, James started several businesses, but has now settled with a career in Marketing & Communications.

Since he began attending SPCC in 2013, the Lord has given him new eyes and a new heart for people. He currently serves as a Youth Leader for the 412 Youth, co-runs the Sunday Coffee Shop, and is the Men’s Ministry events coordinator.

James’ heart is at SPCC and says that ‘what makes SPCC truly special as a body of Christ is the undeniable love of Christ that resonates at the Church’.

Bart Mooij


Bart left Holland and relocated to Mallorca with his wife and two adorable daughters in 1998, to work as a chef. The whole family was involved with SPCC since its beginnings. They have been faithful through the years in serving in the worship team and the children’s ministry team.

Bart’s love and joy in the Lord are infectious: ‘SPCC is the church to be if you want to grow in the love of God. We get very solid teaching, no extreme, but great biblical balance’.